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KJ Fundamental Football Clinic Staff PictureOur purpose and goal is to get more children participating in the game of football while influencing them to be better people in the game of life.

KJ focuses on promoting the game of football in a positive and fun way; creating interest and passion for the game, that means so much to so many. Football has given many people the foundatioin for being successful in life. Small things like puntcuality and discipline are the first steps, moving on to character and self respect. These are just a few of the life skills learned on the football field and carried into the school and most importantly, into the family home.

"I have a young coaching staff with lots of experience. The coaches have a range of experience; former high school stars, played college football, semi or professional, or are current high school coaches. We have something here that almost every high school staff would like to have. We try to teach them discipline and respect. That is where we start. The parents appreciate that approach. Kids have an incentive to keep up the hard work, focus on getting better, while not getting upset when a mistake happens. I tell the kids, we all make mistakes and it's very important to learn from your mistakes and to understand what went wrong, so that the next time you go over it, it will be second nature. The respect and attention that we have here as coaches at the KJ Clinic gives the kids some competition and makes them excel at a high level of play."

- Coach KJ




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